Who are we?

Business Description

MasterTech is a system development company specialising in the development of efficient software applications and platforms to manage the flow of processes and business operations. The core focus is delivering rapid development (on-the-go) applications as client environments change. MasterTech is actively involved with all of its clients and focus on retainer agreements to establish stable business relationships and revenue. 


Industry and Market

The main industry focuses on clients within business environments as well as project based developments. MasterTech is also actively involved in various public sector projects, and sustained system developments and implementation. MasterTech is strategically positioned with key role-players within the public sector to deliver growing and dynamic systems within the respective environments.


Company History

MasterTech was established in 2003 with immediate system development projects entering its revenue stream. Since then, most of these clients are still active developments with excellent relationship management. Projects include Skills Development System for Department of Correctional Services, National Prosecution Authority, South African Police Service, and SASSETA. MasterTech is strategically positioned with key role-players within the public sector.
Within the corporate environment the client-base is wide spread. These include retail, manufacturing, motor-vehicle, entertainment and restaurant. These clients are mostly retainer based clients and service is done on a monthly basis. These clients utilise MasterTech to enable efficient growth and compatibles of systems relating their core business processes.